5 Job Search Tips That Are So Basic People Forget Them

5 Job Search Tips That Are So Basic People Forget Them

Although it may seem as though job opportunities are endless, especially when searching through job listing forums online, it can either become overwhelming or not useful at all when you’re looking for an actual, genuine, good fit. 

This article is designed to help you identify the job search tips that sometimes fall by the wayside when we are in the middle of the never-ending seeming job search. 

So let’s do this: Let’s boil things down to a shortlist of sound, timeless job searching tips that’ll help you fine-tune your strategy so that you may sail through the process (or at least cut out some of the unnecessary time and frustration).


1. Make Yourself a “Smack-in-the-Forehead” Obvious Fit

When you apply for a job through an online application process, it’s very likely that your resume will first be screened through an applicant sourcing and tracking system and then (assuming you make this first cut) move further down the line. The first person that reviews your resume is often someone in HR or a recruiter. 


When applying, make it easy for both the computer and the human to quickly connect their “Here’s what we’re looking for” to your “Here’s what you can walk through our doors and deliver.”



Study the job description and any available information you have on the position. Make an effort to mirror the words and phrases in the job descriptions. And, make sure to highlight your strengths that pertain to this role as much as possible.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications During Your Job Search

If you’re worried about your job search turning into a never-ending cycle, then we recommend not just focusing solely upon online applications. 


In fact, don’t stop once you apply online for that position. If you really want the job, start finding and then endearing yourself to people working at that company of interest. Schedule interviews with would-be peers. Approach an internal recruiter and ask a few questions. Make yourself known to the people who might influence you to get an interview.



By lining up with people on the inside of the companies at which you want to work, you will instantly set yourself apart. Decision-makers interview people who come recommended or by way of a personal referral before they start sorting through the throng of resumes on their desk.


3. Remember That Your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile) Is Not a Tattoo

Although you may feel good about your resume and LinkedIn profile, if you’re not perceived as a direct match for a particular role that you’re gunning for, don’t be afraid to modify wording, switch around key terms, and swap bullet points in and out. You’re not stuck with your resume, nor your LinkedIn profile. Edit and update them throughout your job search (and career).



If you’re keeping your job search under wraps, remember to turn off your activity broadcasts (within privacy and settings) when you make edits to your LinkedIn profile. If your current boss or colleagues are connected to you on LinkedIn, they may get suspicious about all the frequent changes.


4. Accept That You Will Never Bore Anyone Into Hiring You

Don’t get me wrong—you absolutely must come across as polished, articulate, and professional throughout your job search. However, many people translate this into Must. Be. Boring.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. Realize that few people get hired because they had perfect white space on their cover letter, memorized all of the “right” interview responses, or used incredibly safe, common phraseology throughout their resumes. 


Often, this approach can come off as boring, staged, and even ingenuine. Instead, give yourself permission to be both polished and endearing. Be yourself! Memorable, likable candidates are almost always the ones who go the distance.


5. If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Very Nearly Don’t Exist

Considering that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool, this is not an understatement. If you’re a professional, you need to not only be on LinkedIn, you need to be using it to your full advantage. Not sure of that? Then think about it this way: If tomorrow morning, a recruiter logs onto LinkedIn looking for someone in your geography, with expertise in what you do, and you’re not there, guess who they will find and contact? That person’s name is “not you.”



If you figure out how to harness the power of no other social media tool for job search, figure out LinkedIn. LinkedIn is by far the best resource available today for career and job search networking, for finding people working at companies of interest, and for positioning yourself to be found by a recruiter who has a relevant job opening.


Although searching for a job can seem tiresome and time-consuming, with these tips, you should be able to present yourself as an approachable fit, perfect for the job, and ready to start your new career. 

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