Employer Toolkit

Tools You Must Use While Constructing Your 2022 Hiring Plan

Job hunting, specifically, can be a very stressful project as it is. If you fill it with myths and misconceptions, it gets even harder to land your dream job. Keep reading to find out the biggest job-hunting myths holding you back.
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Four Common Pitfalls in Construction Recruiting

As we all know, the most valuable asset a company possesses, whether large or small, is its employees.     There is a finite timeline to every successful hiring process, and many details need to be addressed during this period. And yes, as with most proven business practices, the devil is in the details.  …
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Workplace Design – A Powerful Tool For Finding & Retaining Talent

There is power in first impressions. When candidates walk into an office, they form a first impression of the place. They will instantly search for red flags and will be on the lookout for cues that might be invisible to you. This is why workplace design is so important.
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employees working from home

Employees Working From Home? How To Stay Flexible and Innovative

Employees Working From Home? How To Stay Flexible and Innovative Employees working from home became normalized and necessary at the start of COVID and has now shifted into a long term solution for the majority of companies. Read on to learn more about how to stay flexible and innovative during this time.    Keep your…
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speed up your hiring process

5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process Let’s face it, there isn’t a day where you wish that you couldn’t speed up your hiring process. So, in order to speed up your hiring process, it is important to implement these five techniques into your hiring process pipeline.   Write more accurate job descriptions…
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How to Combat Fall Offs and Turn Downs

How to Combat Falloffs and Turndowns Falloffs and Turndowns The enemies of every recruiter: turndowns and falloffs. We’ve all been there. Your star candidate accepts a counteroffer, or that sure thing turns out to be anything but when your candidate suddenly says yes to another position. We’re often left scratching our heads asking…    How…
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