5 Things You Have To Tell Your Recruiter

There are 5 things you have to tell your recruiter. By doing so, you’ll be able to have an honest relationship and build trust with your recruiter. 


When you have an honest and straightforward relationship with your recruiter, you’re much more likely to find a position where you will grow and thrive. These 5 things will help you find the right position for you long term. 


  1. Be Able To Tell our Recruiter “No.” 
  2. Tell Them YOUR “Elevator Pitch” 
  3. Tell Your Recruiter The Honest Truth 
  4. Inform Them That Your Relationship Is Symbiotic - And Follow Through
  5. Your Bottom Line

Be Able To Tell Your Recruiter “No”

It may feel counterintuitive. But, when you are able to tell your recruiter no, you’re actually creating the opportunity for more viable jobs. Much more so than if you were to say yes to every interview or every position. 

The ability to say “no” saves both you and your recruiter valuable time. Recruiters often deal with this answer. So, when you’re informing them that the job isn’t a good fit, you’re not hurting their feelings.


In fact, you’re helping them.

If you were to say “yes” to every interview, this would only extend the process. So, try to think critically.

What is it that you’re looking for in a job? What do you absolutely not want to do? 

Be able to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. You’re much more likely to find the right position earlier on. 

And, on the flip side, it’s also important that you are able to tell your recruiter “yes” when the position ultimately is right.


Being unwilling to do so may land you in a situation where you’ve turned down one, or multiple jobs, that could have been a great fit. 

That’s why it is incredibly important to ask yourself what you’re looking for and relay that to your recruiter. 

Create two lists: a must-have list and a pros and cons list.

Then, compare the two when looking at each position you’re potentially interviewing for. This will help weed out the positions that were never a good fit in the first place.


Ultimately, you should look for positions that help you grow, learn, and advance your career. This is one of the top 5 things to tell your recruiter.

Tell Them YOUR “Elevator Pitch” 

Elevator pitches are most often associated with a company pitch. But, in this instance, you’ll want to have your elevator pitch in order for your recruiter to find you the best fit.

Practice your elevator pitch in front of friends and family. Make them give you constructive criticism. That way, you can fine-tune your pitch. 

Additionally, they may point out strengths about yourself that you weren’t aware of. It’s always important to get an outsiders’ perspective.

With this, know your strengths, weaknesses and accentuate all of your positive attributes. When it comes to the meeting with your recruiter, have some sort of clear idea of what you want to do.


Then, pitch that to your recruiter. 

They then can take your elevator pitch and pitch it to companies in return. If your elevator pitch is a direct reflection of your capabilities, you’ll be interviewing for positions that are a good match. 

By highlighting your skills and positive attributes, it will be even easier for your recruiter to place you in the right position.

5 Things You Have To Tell Your Recruiter

Tell Your Recruiter The Honest Truth 

Recruiters are excellent researchers, detail-oriented, and paid to find the metaphorical “diamond in the rough,” or “needle in the haystack.” 

So, with these talents, they also will know if you’re bluffing or lying about skills on your resume.

Just be sure to always be honest with your recruiter. 

Don’t allude to skills that you don’t have. Be honest about your capabilities.


If you’re bluffing on your resume and claiming that you’re proficient in a program, when really you have little to no experience with it, your recruiter will more than likely be able to tell. 

Recruiters have a lot of experience with the programs and requirements that their companies use. So, be sure to always be honest with your recruiter about your skills and proficiencies.


This is super important, and is one of the top 5 things to tell your recruiter.


And, it will set you up for much greater success with your recruiter and your eventual position.


Inform Them That Your Relationship Is Symbiotic - And Follow Through

Work closely to build a deep and thorough relationship with your recruiter.


You can do this by helping your recruiter if they need some help filling other positions that aren’t a good fit for you. 


More often than not, recruiters are trying to fill multiple positions at a time.


If you know someone who is looking for a job that would be a good fit for a position that didn’t meet your personal requirements for a job, put them in touch!

You will be amazed how paying it forward today will enhance your career in the future.


Going out of your way for your recruiter will exemplify your drive and ability to go the extra mile. This will then translate into potential contacts and interviews.

Your Bottom Line 

This type of information is VITAL to a recruiter’s process. There is no sense in interviewing if the company does not have the budget to pay you what you need.

We all have our bottom line. You must know what yours is and be prepared to walk away if it isn’t where you absolutely need to be.  

You can always ask your recruiter: “What is the salary range?” “Do you have other positions with similar job requirements that pay a higher salary?” 

These questions can be a little difficult to ask, but they are absolutely necessary if you’re looking for a position with longevity. Know your “non-negotiables” and stick to them. 

By doing so, you’re setting both you and your recruiter up for success. 

5 Things You Have To Tell Your Recruiter

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