Mike Mackey

Executive Recruiter

My Top Specialties

Heavy Highway & Heavy Civil

About Mike

At my core, I have always loved helping others. I believe it led me to start my career in sales in the early 2000s. The desire to help others paired with an extreme competitive drive has led me to excel professionally. I took a hiatus from sales in 2017 to pursue a lifelong dream of joining the military, where that competiveness landed me in the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantry team leader for three and a half years. As a disabled veteran returning to the workforce, I believe that I see things from a different perspective and don't believe in leaving anyone behind. I found Peterson Consulting Group and look forward to helping as many people in the heavy highway and civil engineering industries as possible.

Why I love recruiting

I love recruiting because I get to help people like you everyday. I look for ways to increase the quality of life my candidates get in their workplace however I can. I don't just submit people for the sake of getting it done. I spend the time to sell your story to my clients that you best fit with to make as cohesive of an environment as possible.

Mike's Fun Facts

I'm married with two kids, 13 and 11. We enjoy traveling, surfing, snowboarding and motocross. I have had the pleasure to skydive in three countries. But most of all my family loves a lazy Sunday where we grab some blankets and cuddle up in bed and watch movies at home.

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