Ways A Recruiter Can Help You Get a Heavy Civil or Commercial Construction Executive Job

Candidates around the world understand the difficulties that await in finding a job. During times of uncertainty, this can be especially difficult, particularly if you are looking for a heavy civil or commercial construction executive job. 


In many cases, it includes going from interview to interview, sending out hundreds of applications, attending various networking events. All of these are ways to find the next opportunity. 


For those in executive roles, this can be challenging to do for several reasons. That’s why many choose to call on an executive recruiter for help.


Executive recruiters are hired by employers to help them fill open positions, especially those senior, high-paying positions where the recruitment pool is a bit smaller. 


Those looking for heavy civil or commercial construction executive jobs may find it challenging to find employment on their own. The landscape of the heavy civil, heavy highway, and commercial construction industry is constantly changing and in some cases, there is a lack of jobs in certain locations.


Candidates typically have a specific skill set, and it’s up to the executive recruitment firm to match the employer and their pool of resources. For candidates, an executive recruiter can provide a few benefits, some of which might not be immediately apparent.


Let’s have a look. 


Keeping You In Their Network


Many candidates choose to contact a recruiter when they’re looking for a job, but that might not always be the best time. 


In some cases, you may find yourself approached by a recruiter first, and it is up to you to make the most of your interaction with them. 


Executive recruiters rely on an extensive list of contacts in their network to find the best-qualified candidate. In some cases, everything will make sense, the timing, the opportunity, and your skillset, and it will be best suited for you.


Unfortunately, most of the time, this won’t be the case. 

But, there’s still a clear opportunity available, and it’s one of the hidden ways a recruiter can help you if you can help them as well. 


If you’re contacted by a heavy civil and commercial construction recruiter for a position that neither interests you or that you may not be qualified for, you may be able to help them locate another candidate that fits the job. 


The market for heavy civil, heavy highway, and commercial construction executive jobs can sometimes be very tight given the challenges in executive roles, so the best thing to do in the good times is to keep continuously growing your network and help others do the same. 


Even if you are looking for a position and you know it’s not going to be a great fit, putting the recruiter onto someone else who would be a better fit is going to help tremendously.


Staying in a heavy civil and commercial construction recruiter’s network means being truthful about the credentials and accomplishments you’ve made. 


Recruiters always do thorough background checks on candidates, especially those in executive positions. If you’re honest, you can maintain a good reputation and avoid missing out on opportunities by staying in their good books. 


When networking with anyone, let alone construction recruiters, you need to understand things from their perspective and not only think of yourself. 


Recruiters get paid to find candidates with a specific set of skills and other characteristics determined by the hiring company that employs them. 


Sometimes you aren’t what they are looking for, but you can still do things to remain in their network.


Conversations with recruiters go more in-depth than merely searching for the best heavy civil or commercial construction jobs as they are a great resource of information.


But as someone who has risen to the role of an executive within the construction industry, then you likely have a large amount of value to share as well. 


Interactions with a recruiter should be about maintaining a professional relationship, one in which both parties gain. If you have information about a new technology or a list of potential candidates from within your professional network, then you can do a lot for a recruiter.

Providing Industry Expertise


Some recruitment and staffing agencies tend to be generalized and seek out candidates on an ad hoc basis. 


Industry-specific recruitment firms, on the other hand, are filled with people who know the ins and outs of the business. These firms are the ones who can help you by providing excellent industry expertise.


Heavy civil and commercial construction recruiters are not only familiar with open job opportunities and what companies are looking for, but they are also up to date on the latest trends in the construction industry and understand where things are headed. 


Trends in the industry can impact everything from hiring to the skills that companies are currently searching for or will be searching for in the future. 


For candidates seeking out their next opportunity or those hoping to keep an ear to the ground for new opportunities, then being aware of trends is a definite bonus.


Executive recruiters are also likely to be more aware of hiring trends and the habits of companies that contract them to find candidates. 


During times of economic boom and even during times of uncertainty, these industry recruiters are more likely to know the hiring tactics of companies. This allows them to advise candidates accordingly. 


Recruiters have their ears to the mouths of CEOs and other upper management, the ones who will ultimately make the final decision on any candidates. 


For candidates in their network who will make the best fit, these individuals can get more details from the recruiter about what will matter most to them. 


As hiring habits and trends change, it also means that there will be an influx of new technologies to be aware of.


Executive recruiters do extensive research about the industry continuously so they will likely have a much better idea about things than the candidates. 


Currently, there is an explosion in areas like project management software, the internet of things, and more. Recruiters will be knowledgeable about how these things can impact the heavy civil, heavy highway, and commercial construction industry overall and can help to position candidates in their network for the best construction jobs. 


Streamlining Your Options


When performing a job search all on your own, more than likely, you will simply be making applications for jobs that you feel qualified to do. 


However, even if you think that you’re qualified, there may be other factors, and this job may not be the best fit for you. 


When working with a recruiter, this problem goes away as they will likely only bring jobs to you where you’re a perfect fit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to solely rely on recruiters during your job search, but they can help make the process easier.


Jobs in the construction industry - particularly in the heavy civil, heavy highway, and commercial arena - can come in a variety of different roles from a construction superintendent to a civil engineer, project manager, area manager, and more. 


For construction executive jobs, companies may be looking for someone with any one of these more focused backgrounds. 


Recruiters are the ones who will typically have an idea about this after speaking to the hiring managers and can, therefore, save you a lot of time in your job hunt. 

Giving You Access to the Hidden Job Market


Access to the hidden job market is the smallest advantage with the most significant impact when it comes to working with an executive recruiter in the heavy civil and commercial construction industry. 


Companies don’t always advertise for every open position that they have. 


Many times they know what they want and need to choose from a smaller pool of appropriate persons. Working with an executive recruiter can help to do that.


Getting access to the hidden job market is only possible by being part of the recruiter’s network, so it’s one reason to maintain a relationship with a recruiter now and in the future. 


Understanding the ways an executive recruiter can help you to locate the best heavy civil construction jobs and avoid common mistakes during the hiring process, is paramount in choosing the right recruiter or firm to work with.


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